Washingborough Academy

Washingborough Academy is slightly larger than the average-sized primary school and provides education for 300 children from 3-11 years old with 34 staff. It is situated in the village of Washingborough, close to the city of Lincoln. Due to its location, almost all pupils are White British. However, in recent months the school has had an increased number of children enrolling who are not White British coming from other European Countries and Africa; which has increased the awareness and importance of providing international education. At Washingborough Academy we pride ourselves on our positive relationships. We treat each other with mutual respect and work in a climate where openness and inclusion lay the foundations for our values to be built upon. Underpinning all our work at Washingborough Academy is our values-based curriculum, which allows both the children and staff to work closely together to develop a strong educational philosophy valuing the individual, the community and the environment.

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