Health Education Trust

Health Education Trust is a UK based charity founded in 1993. The team consists of 2 members of staff. The charity mainly works in settings to support and enable change around health and wellbeing using participatory approaches. 

The Health Education Trust have been the pioneers of the Whole School Approach through the development of School Nutrition Action Groups. Health Education Trust (HET) has experience in transforming school food culture thus enabling change across schools that is sustained.  The approach empowers pupils to lead the change in school settings and engage their peers through active consultation methods.

When Food for Life in schools was set up Health Education Trust was a national partner supporting the transformation of food culture through education in the curriculum including cooking, growing and farm links, healthy and sustainable school meals and engagement of families and the community through the school setting.

Health Education Trust worked with Allergy UK to use the same approach to develop allergy awareness and management policies through involvement of school staff, pupils with and without allergies and parents.

Recently, Health Education Trust has developed the trainer programme for Greater London Authority. The training package will be used by local boroughs to support early years settings to meet the Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Years settings.

As part of the Learn4Health project, Health Education Trust developed a comprehensive food policy on school food and education for EU/national government and school policy.