Primary School France Prešeren Črenšovci

The Slovenian school partner Primary school France Prešeren Črenšovci already has an enviable tradition. They have recently celebrated the 210th anniversary of education in the town. As they built on the good foundations and always pursued quality and development orientation, they are now justifiably proud of the achievements of all pupils and teachers of their institution. In the academic year 2019/2020, there are 193 pupils attending the school and 114 children attending the kindergarten, which is a unit of the school. 24 Roma pupils who come from villages Kamenci and Trnje attend the school and kindergarten. The school district covers 3 villages, Črenšovci, Žižki and Trnje. A total of 64 employees work at the school. The vision is: Building a safe and creative school with knowledge and responsible actions. The values they pursue are knowledge, safety, responsibility and creativity. Their mission is to develop curious, critical, unique and unrepeatable individuals with wide knowledge who are responsible to themselves, to the human beings and the environment. They are an educational institution recognized in the domestic and international area. Primary School France Prešeren Črenšovci received several national and local awards for its successful work. They have received an award of Blaž Kumerdej for outstanding achievements in the development and introduction of new educational practice in partnership with the National Education Institute Slovenia. They are extremely proud of this state recognition, but at the same time, it is a commitment to further creative and innovative work. 

Another important recognition at the national level is the title of the cultural school in 2010. The school acquired the title on the basis of above-average cultural activities. The school is also a winner of the special Award of the Municipality of Črenšovci for special achievements in the education field and promotion of the place on the national and international level.

Each year the school also confirms the title of Eco-school, Healthy School of research by performing different activities. The school has completed all criteria for inclusion in a national network of UNESCO ASP. Through the work and the sense for the elder, they got the title SYMBIOSIS school. The last international title, which they are very proud of is the certificate EUROPEAN TALENT POINT. All these acknowledgements are a great honour for the school, but also a commitment that they will perform their mission responsibly in the future. In 2020 the school is organizing an international symposium on the topic of autonomy for the thirteenth year. This year’s symposium is entitled Learning- a challenge or a nuisance (task) of the 21st-century school? For the eleventh year, they are organizing a Festival of talents for the entire Pomurje region, where both elementary and high school students have the opportunity to present their strengths, to meet, to connect and to learn. Since they are an open school, they are networking and participating in various Erasmus projects in most European countries where the school and kindergarten are involved, and they focus their emphasis on learning for health. Read more about Primary school France Prešeren Črenšovci here: