The University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG)

The University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) is an international leader for the study, research, transmission and innovative processing of knowledge in the field of Gastronomic Sciences, focusing in particular on its conceptual focus on the relationship between food, ecology and sustainability. 

The University was founded in 2004 by Slow Food, in collaboration with the regions of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna in Pollenzo, and it is a private institution with legal recognition from the Italian government. UNISG forms gastronomes, new professional figures with multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge in the fields of science, culture, politics, economics and ecology of food, working to apply them to production, distribution and sustainable consumption. 

UNISG boasts a research specialization focused on the multidisciplinary that characterizes the gastronomic context. The methodological approach springs from the University’s founding principles and is therefore based on the issues of sustainable food as a form of sustenance and of improvement of the planet’s human and natural conditions. 

The research activity of UNISG is aimed at increasing knowledge and promoting innovation in the field of gastronomic studies and is developed through collaborations at a national and international level, with universities and research institutions, with UNISG partners (supporting partners or strategic partners), and other third parties (private or public) who can sign suitable agreements with the University. 

UNISG Research is based on three interdisciplinary areas called: environment, perception and quality, mobility. 

Research projects, related to one or more of these areas, involve specific skills of UNISG researchers and professors and of the experts who collaborate with UNISG (contract professors, visiting professors, etc.) and ensure results in scientific and economic terms, of visibility and strengthening of the UNISG network relevant for the scientific community, the stakeholders and the whole society.