Taste Lab

Alchemist Taste Lab is an association focusing on food projects and events targeting children and adolescents to increase and enhance their level of food literacy as well as improving our food culture and food systems. The Taste Lab association consists of six board members, with currently no employees or volunteers. The association focuses on nature, gastro and food science interplaying with design, art, theatre, technology, and communication. The association is a non-profit organisation.

The Taste Lab association was established in 2018 by Rasmus Munk, Head Chef and Co-owner of the Danish restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen. The overall goal of the Alchemist Taste Lab is to improve our food culture and food systems locally, nationally and globally. At Taste Lab we believe that in order to do so we must empower and inspire the younger generations, so they have the skills and know-how to build a better tomorrow.

 Taste Lab is located at Alchemist, a diverse workplace employing highly specialized chefs, waiters, scientists, sound and 3D designers, academics, and a dramaturg spread across more than 30 nationalities. Taste Lab and the research & development team at Alchemist work with and support an open-source approach. This means that Taste Lab can make use of the many facilities, research findings and know-how available at Alchemist when creating events and projects that aim to inspire and enlighten the coming generations in making tomorrow a better day.