Six partners have come together with support from the EU Erasmus+ Programme. Leading the project is Aalborg University from Denmark, with partners Arden Skole and Alchemist Taste Lab from Denmark, Centre for Health and Development Murska Sobota  and Primary School France Prešeren Črenšovci  from Slovenia, Health Education Trust and Washingborough Academy from United Kingdom, Fundació Escoles Garbí from Spain and The University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG) from Italy

Most Learn4Earth partners have been chosen based on their earlier participation collaboration in the EU Erasmus+ project Learn4Health, which resulted in unique collaborations and new and innovative results all collected within the ‘The HOFA Handbook’. These previous insights, results and experiences will be included as a starting point and foundation for Learn4Earth, from where the project will develop further from. Due to the successful outputs and final results of Learn4Health, the project chose to use this as a foundation, while also including new partners to the project in order to broaden the intentions of a wider curriculum that focuses on the essential current world issues; Climate, Environment and Food.

Furthermore, the Learn4Earth partners are chosen so that each partner brings unique competencies, knowledge and experiences that can contribute to reaching the objectives of Learn4Earth. Additionally, partners have been chosen for seeing clear interdisciplinary benefits and synergies from participating, and they have a strong commitment to the collaborations of the project as well as experience contributing to the dissemination inside and outside of the participating organisations. Importantly also, partners have been chosen so the project will represent a broad geographically and culturally diverse group, represent different parts of Europe to ensure that teachers and pupils from different cultural and socioeconomic contexts and geographical regions are involved.