There are extremely well documented reasons why immediate and decisive climate actions are essential to protect our planet. Furthermore, the European Commission (2018) has emphasized the importance of consumer behaviour as a key area: “As consumers, citizens have a powerful role to play and personal lifestyle choices can make a real difference.” However, in our globalized food systems, consumers, and especially children are increasingly disconnected from understanding both how and where their food is produced, processed and prepared which can have detrimental effects on our environment. It is therefore essential to teach, empower and provide children with the necessary knowledge and competencies, as they will be the future consumers, whose skills, habits and choices will create and shape a sustainable future. These urgent climate and environmental challenges are what gives Learn4Earth its rationale.

For this reason and many more, we created Learn4Earth, an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership including 9 partners in total, representing 5 European countries – Denmark, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. In Learn4Earth, we will over the next years create a unique work together with interdisciplinary roots. Each country is represented by one higher educational institution, one primary and/or secondary school or cultural institution.


Anna Marie Fisker, Project Leader