Event Title: The Learn4Earth Final Conference

Country of Venue: Slovenia

Start Date: 2023-02-17

End Date: 2023-02-17

Event Leading Organisation: Primary school France Prešeren Črenšovci

Description: The Learn4Earth Final Conference is the 6th and final Learn4Earth Multiplier Event. The Learn4Earth Final Conference will present examples of cases and hands-on activities concerning IO4 – Climate Actions in School Canteens. Further, it will present Learn4earth findings and results and provide an overview and insight into examples of impact assessment. Special attention will be given to present the Learn4Earth Policy Recommendations and promote the final Learn4Earth Handbook, to secure the sustainability of Learn4Earth as well as support and enhance behaviour change to create more sustainable consumerism concerning Climate, Environment and Food.

The Learn4Earth final conference will include oral presentations of Learn4Earth, followed by insights and results, showcasing of hands-on activities and finally, include open discussions and Q&A sessions. The Learn4earth Final Conference will invite pupils, teachers and relatives in the local area, as well as policymakers, food professionals and other relevant stakeholders, to widen the dissemination potential. Further, the Learn4Earth Final Conference will open to the public. To disseminate Learn4Earth and secure promotion of the project results, the Learn4Earth final conference will be potentially live-streamed through social media. Importantly, the Learn4Earth Final Conference Event will be held in conjunction and parallel with a large-scale international teaching symposium held annually by Osnovna sola Franceta Preserna Crensovci, which benefits Learn4Earth, as this event will also facilitate the Learn4Earth Final Conference Event. This will result in some activities and sessions conducted in parallel and in synergy with this event.

The primary objective of the Learn4Earth Final Conference Event is to promote results of the Learn4Earth project, as well as to raise awareness about the Learn4Earth Handbook and its included teacher manuals which are highly transferable and applicable to all European schools. Therefore, the Learn4Earth Final Conference will be promoted through both local and national and international media to promote and create awareness of Learn4Earth as well as the new and innovative initiative of developing new teaching materials related to the fields of Climate, Environment and Food to add to the curricula in European schools.