Event Title: Learn4Earth Experimenting II

Country of Venue: Denmark

Start Date: 2022-08-31

End Date: 2022-08-31

Event Leading Organisation: Taste Lab

Description: The Multiplier Event Learn4Earth Experimenting II will be facilitated in the form as a workshop with lectures, discussions and showcases to promote the Learn4Earth project. The event will share best practices, Learn4Earth preliminary findings and results and promote new and innovative teaching instruments focusing on Climate, Environment and Food to raise awareness, create behaviour changes and enhance and support sustainable consumerism.

Prior to the Learn4Earth Experimenting II Event, pupils, teachers and partners will have participated in joined experimental hands-on exercises at Taste Lab in Copenhagen as part of IO3 – Tastelab – Food Experiments with the chef. These experiments will be showcased at the Learn4Earth Experimenting II Event. The experiments will be showcased by a chef from the Taste Lab in company with pupils, in order to promote not only the Learn4Earth project and the newly developed hands-on activities, but also to support user-centred and eye-level approaches, in this case, a collaboration between pupils, teachers, researchers and food professionals. The learn4Earth Experimenting II event will invite pupils, teachers, local policymakers, chefs, food professionals and other relevant stakeholders, in order to widen the knowledge of Learn4Earth, the benefits of European partnerships and the final Learn4Earth Handbook and its transferability and applicability. The guests will be invited to test some of the newly developed learning and teaching instruments and create room for discussions between pupils, policymakers and other stakeholders. Further, it is the intention that some guest will be future users of the Learn4Earth Teaching Manuals included in the Learn4Earth Handbook or collaborative partners, that can benefit the project and its sustainability.

The Learn4Earth Experimenting II Multiplier Event will be promoted through local and national media to create awareness on Learn4Earth as well as the new and innovative initiative of developing new Teaching Manuals collected in the Learn4Earth Handbook concerning Climate, Environment and Food to add to the curricula in European schools.