Event Title: Learn4Earth Experimenting I

Country of Venue: Italy

Start Date: 2021-08-26

End Date: 2021-08-26

Event Leading Organisation: The University of Gastronomic Sciences (UNISG)

Description:The second Learn4Earth Multiplier Event (E2) will be the form as a workshop, presenting the work of IO6 – Science and Food Literacy in the Kitchen through lectures, discussions and experiments. It will showcase selected hands-on activities developed and tested in the Learn4Earth project, which revolves around the why of food transformation and includes sensory, food history, and – heritage.

Learn4Earth Experimenting will promote Learn4Earth as a whole, as well as present current project results and findings and present the forthcoming Learn4Earth activities and events.

Prior to the Learn4Earth Experimenting Multiplier Event, pupils and teachers will have participated in joined experimental hands-on exercises, which will be showcased by the pupils at the event to invite the guests to try and experience the newly develop teaching methodologies and thereby create room for discussions and sharing of best practices. Further, this will support the user-centred approach and provide guests with user insights and create communication between pupils, university students, teachers, researchers and other relevant stakeholders and thereby add discussions and sharing of best practices to the Learn4Earth Experimenting Multiplier Event.

The Learn4Earth Experimenting Multiplier Event will invite researchers, university students and teachers from UNISG as well as other relevant stakeholders, i.e. local food producers, food professionals etc.
The Learn4Earth Experimenting Multiplier Event will be promoted through local and national media to promote and create awareness on Learn4Earth as well as the new and innovative initiative of developing new teaching materials (the Learn4Earth Handbook) concerning Climate, Environment and Food to add to the school curricula in Europe.