Event Title: The Learn4Earth Kick-Off Multiplier Event

Country of Venue: Denmark

Start Date: 2020-10-29

End Date: 2020-10-29

Event Leading Organisation: Arden Skole

Description: The Learn4Earth kick-off Multiplier Event will launch the Learn4Earth project to the public. It will present the project and its three main focal subjects: Climate, Environment and Food as well as the new and innovative Learn4Earth Learning Triangle – The Growing, The Lab and The Meal. Further, this Multiplier Event will present the Learn4Earth structure, including the iterative process and the planned Intellectual Outputs and hands-on activities. The Learn4Earth Kick-off Multiplier Event will invite pupils, teachers and relatives from Arden School as well as local stakeholders to promote the Learn4Earth project.

The Learn4Earth Kick-Off Multiplier Event will have several steps, including a one-way communication of the project, followed by inclusive workshops where guests will participate in hands-on activities related to the Learn4Earth project. This Multiplier Event will further include a forum open for questions and discussion to include external input and feedback. Further, it will set up a space for communication with the future users of the Learn4Earth outcome, namely the pupils and the teachers as well as create possible partnerships with local food professionals.

The primary objective of the Learn4Earth Kick-Off Multiplier Event is to promote the objectives and results of the Learn4Earth project. Therefore, the Learn4Earth Kick-Off will be promoted through local media to promote and create awareness of Learn4Earth as well as the new and innovative initiative of developing new teaching materials related to the fields of Climate, Environment and Food to add to the school curricula in Europe.