Output Title: The Learn4Earth Handbook

Output Type: Learning / teaching / training material – Manual / handbook / guidance material

Start Date: 2020-10-01

End Date: 2023-07-31

Activity Leading Organisation: Aalborg University

Description:Several research studies have shown that children are more and more disconnected from understanding food, and the processes of food production which partly arises from the increased globalised industrialisation. The food sector grows daily and the amount and variety of food available can be overwhelming for children, more specifically to the ability to identify different foods, their origin and their environmental impact. Further, studies show that the disconnectedness has a direct influence on pupils’ health and well-being and by teaching pupils about not only the theoretic behind food, food history and food culture but also empower them to act through practical hands-on activities, will increase their understanding, motivation and engagement. It is the Learn4Earth hypothesis that providing pupils with new knowledge and competences in regards to Climate, Environment and Food will increase their learning abilities and create behavioural changes that will make them better and more sustainable consumers now and in the future. It is the ambition, that by developing new and innovative strategies, programmes and learning activities with open access for others to develop and learn from, Learn4Earth will impact European pupils, teachers, parents and other stakeholders in around the Learn4Earth Project towards more sustainable consumerism. This is what gives the Learn4Earth Handbook its rationale.

The Learn4Earth Handbook will collect, edit and publish all relevant Teaching Manuals, material and outputs completed and formulated in Learn4Earth throughout the project period, to develop the Learn4Earth Handbook, a complete instructional guide book offering detailed instructions and curricula guides to the different Learn4Earth IO’s and activities.
All material will be formulated and disseminated to ensure that it can be exploited and implemented ‘as-is’ or scaled to fit specific needs and capacities, making it easy for relevant audiences to benefit from the results. Moreover, the Learn4Earth Handbook will formulate recommendations on how other pupils, teachers and schools can further develop from the different Learn4Earth activities. These thorough guides and manuals will ensure that other schools outside the project interested in doing a similar project will have a “manual” for building and implementing their own hands-on activities.

The Learn4Earth Handbook will be made freely available in this PDF format through the Learn4Earth website www.learn4earth.eu and support the ambition of putting the subjects of Climate, Environment and Food on the school curricula. The open-access will secure wide applicability, dissemination and great transferability. The Learn4Earth Handbook will secure the sustainability of the Learn4Earth project, as the insights, experiences and the knowledge accumulated within the project period will be passed on to a wide audience, easily available for application, and therefore also optimizing the overall impact.

The Learn4Earth Handbook will disseminate the Learn4Earth IO’s and the Learn4Earth project as a whole and secure the intention of wide applicability and transferability of the insights and detailed information developed throughout the Learn4Earth project.