Output Title: The Learn4Earth Scientific Articles

Output Type: Learning / teaching / training material – Academic / scientific publication

Start Date: 2020-09-01

End Date: 2023-07-31

Activity Leading Organisation: Aalborg University

Description: This IO will promote the Learn4Earth project at an academic level, disseminating the project results and findings, as well as best practices, to add new research-based knowledge to the academic world. The Learn4Earth project aims at publishing 3 scientific publications during the Learn4Earth period. The publications will include both preliminary and final results and findings and will be promoted in relevant international research fora, enabling the distribution and transferal of knowledge from the project to researchers and scientific communities. Additionally, the Learn4Earth Scientific Articles IO aims at exchanging knowledge and illustrate the benefits of Learn4Earth and the Learn4Earth objectives.

The 3 scientific articles will be peer-reviewed level scientific publications focusing on the project’s elements of innovation and research as well as the impact on facilitating innovation and research in European interdisciplinary collaboration. In order to secure a high transferability potential, the scientific articles will share the experiences developed, executed, and evaluated throughout the project.
The scientific articles will each have a subject, which is described below:

Publication 1 (P1): This publication will document the state of the art of the project, i.e. focus on Learn4Earth as a European project creating and developing new innovative approaches to Climate, Environment and Food education in primary and secondary schools in Europe. The publication will focus on how, in order to provide the young generation with extremely necessary skills and knowledge, they can make sustainable choices and become better future consumers and citizens.
Publication 2 (P2). This publication will focus on one to two case studies carried out by Learn4Earth and contribute to new interdisciplinary innovative professional models for teachers with a point of departure in the project’s results.
Publication 3 (P3). This publication will examine the theoretical, methodological and practical aspects of the new innovative approaches created throughout the Learn4Earth project period. The publication will examine how Learn4Earth can best be implemented, sustained and further developed to secure the maximum impact and sustainability. Last but also importantly, the publication will focus on how to implement the Learn4Earth Handbook to secure the project’s ways of transferability.

The primary target groups of the Learn4Earth Scientific Articles IO are Researchers and Scientific communities in order to increase knowledge and support further research while highlighting and promoting the importance of European collaborations. Additionally, the IO will target Policymakers and Public stakeholders at National, European and International Level to raise awareness about Learn4Earth, the findings and results, and to build and maintain engagement on the subject, ensuring feedback from stakeholders and decision- makers.

The Learn4Earth Scientific Articles IO aims at promoting the Learn4Earth in the academic world by publishing scientific articles analysing, documenting, discussing and evaluating the Learn4Earth outputs and activities. Further, it aims to raise awareness about the project and motivate researchers to visit our website www.learn4earth.eu and thereby provide them with Learn4Earth knowledge and best practices and sharing the final Learn4Earth Handbook. It is expected that by disseminating the project in these fora can increase the awareness of the Learn4Earth project, its applicability and transferability.