Thursdays’ morning set up finds us in the UniSG’s garden picking the ingredients we are going to use in the lab, in a “From Farm to Table” session. This will be our lunch out in the courtyard of the ancient royal farmhouse, a monumental complex built by Carlo Alberto of Savoy in the first half of the nineteenth century.

It was a sunny day and the discussion was about colours on the table, so the fact that we had a great sunlight made clear the importance of climate and weather in all the discussions we had.

We created a warm palette from yellow to red with all the tomato varieties we picked. Washingborough Academy UK-team took some seeds from the UniSG garden to grow in the school garden, back in the UK, so that next year’s pupils will taste some goods from Italy in their northern England garden.

Kiva Victoria gave a speech about Biodiversity, Conviviality and how one can merge food science and humanities on the table, in a time where humanities seem banal, and is laughed at as “those people who wanna save the world”.  Gabriella Morini closed the session, providing us with some basic information on food chemistry.

We spent the rest of the day working on upcoming meetings and preparing Fridays’ big event in Torino. Of course our last meal in Bra was pizza. We have been told that there is no such thing as pizza with potatoes in Italy! Some new recipes exceed the limits inherited by Italian cuisine for commercial globalization of the food industry.