Arriving at Milan Malpensa airport we spent some time walking along its corridors where several shops are offering “some Italian flair and food quality” in a rather clumsy way. The bus took us to Bra and as it was already getting dark we could hardly see any of the places on the way, so either we chatted or stayed lost in our thoughts. Will this experience affect and inspire us on our way back to the airport in a couple of days? The schedule is heavy and exciting: We are going to experience activities run in a location between the food valley of the Langhe and Roero, one of the most important Piedmontese centres of wine production and gastronomy! An area world known through past century novelist Giovanni Arpino who stressed the importance of such places. Albergo Ascheri Hotel runs a library with more input to further study and is the place that is hosting us. Our first meeting took place in its restaurant during our first dinner. Gabriella Morini UNISG welcomed us and Anna Marie Fisker, the coordinator of the Project, walked us through the Agenda. During  the dinner chat, as some ordered a cheese plate, Jason O’Rourke brought up the bee-keeping in his school in the UK and the importance of honey for the existence of bees (who are so important to our food production). For a better understanding of our nutrition issues food education is nowadays more important than ever.