Learn4Health is an EU Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership consisting of twelve partners representing 6 European countries, aimed at creating, strengthening and sustaining health, nutrition and food literacy among pupils in primary and secondary schools in Europe. The Learn4Health project developed new, interdisciplinary and innovative approaches, i.e. innovative teaching methods and learning contexts, aiming at teaching children about food, nutrition and health, providing hands-on learning contexts to strengthen their understanding of the origin of food, and the structure of food production. This way, Learn4Health strived to promote food literacy and educate children to be able to act on the basis of this knowledge, to create a healthier self and a better, more sustainable world.

To secure the intention of wide applicability and transferability of the insights and detailed information developed throughout the Learn4health project, the HOFA Handbook was developed; a complete instructional guide book offering detailed instructions and curricula guides to the different Learn4Health Activities.

These thorough guides and manuals will ensure that other schools interested in doing a similar project will have a finished “recipe” for building and implementing their own Hands On Food Activi- ties and projects. The HOFA Handbook has been made freely available in this PDF format through the Learn4Health website. This open access will secure wide applicability, dissemination and great transferability. The HOFA Handbook will secure the sustainability of the Learn4Health project, as the insights, experiences and the knowledge accumulated within the project period will be passed on to a wide audience, easily available for application, and therefore also optimizing the overall impact.

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Read and download the HOFA Handbook here