Traditional Slovenian Breakfast

At our school every year we celebrate the project »Traditional Slovenian Breakfast«, which is one of the main events of the Slovenian food day.

On the third Friday in November, children in Slovenian kindergartens and schools enjoy a Traditional Slovenian Breakfast. This project is prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, the Ministry of Educations, Science and Sport, the Ministry of Health and many other partners.

The project raises awareness of the importance of regular and healthy eating, which also includes an important healthy habit: to start the day with a healthy wholesome meal. The project attaches special importance to locally produced food of Slovenian origin.

Therefore on this day, pupils and teachers eat rye bread with local butter and honey, milk and apple. In addition to the traditional breakfast, there are many other activities, such as: art shops in which pupils make various products in connection with the honey breakfast (paper and textile bees, hive) and raise awareness of the importance of local and organically grown food.

 /Primary School F.P. Črenšovci

Photo credit: Sara Fekonja, Zdenko Temlin (teacher at Primary School F.P. Črenšovci)